our origin story.

how bangbop was born.

we are, first and foremost, foodies by heart. we’ve always been passionate about good food, especially good korean food, good food that brings good people together, that makes you remember good things. the kind of food that makes your mouth water and nourishes your soul.

after spending several decades running a handful of successful korean restaurants, we took a break to regroup. we were a little tired, a little worn, and in search of a new challenge. we thought long and hard about what we wanted to accomplish— and after years of soul-searching and serendipitous stops & starts, bangbop was born.

our menu is sustainable, modern korean food. we want to serve food that’s good for both our bodies and the environment. to help us reach more diners, and to adjust to your busy schedules, we decided to launch with a delivery-centric concept. we retained our authentic, vibrant korean flavors while opening up the menu to accommodate today’s diners.
give our signature bibimbap bowls a try—or our expanded menu that includes massive korean burritos (kimbap), tacos, bao buns, and bahn-mi. these menus creatively envelop our signature korean bbq meats & sauces with new, fresh toppings and garnishes to create our own unique flavor.

but we didn’t just reinvent our menu. we also reinvented our operation from sourcing, food-preparation, packaging, and delivery. we reached out to others in the industry to learn their best practices. we are a pending-b-corp, which reflects our commitment to corporate social responsibility. we leaned into technology to help us get smarter— believing that intelligently deployed technology can help us accelerate our learning to serve our diners better. but none of this will matter if we don’t perform. we appreciate your business more than you could ever know. tell us how we’re doing. your feedback will encourage us and help us become better.