The Best KBBQ Restaurants in D.C.

Unveiling the Best Korean Barbecue in the D.C. Area

The D.C. area is a melting pot of diverse culinary experiences, and its KBBQ (short for Korean Barbecue) scene is no exception. Whether you're a connoisseur of traditional tabletop grills or a quick flavor-filled lunch bowl or cup option, the region offers a plethora of options to satisfy your KBBQ cravings.

Manna Korean BBQ and Dosirak

Topping the list is Manna Korean BBQ and Dosirak, boasting a stellar rating of 4.8 and garnering rave reviews from 178 patrons. You can find this gem at 409 15th St NE, Washington, DC 20002. Their website, [Manna Korean BBQ and Dosirak](, provides a glimpse into the tantalizing experience that awaits.

Gogi Yogi

Another standout is Gogi Yogi, renowned for its delectable offerings and a solid rating of 4.1. Located at 1921 8th St NW #115, Washington, DC 20001, this establishment has won the hearts of 622 diners. For more information, visit their website: [Gogi Yogi](

Iron Age - Columbia Heights

If you're in the mood for a top-notch dining experience, look no further than Iron Age - Columbia Heights. With a rating of 4.3 and glowing reviews from 715 visitors, this restaurant at 3365 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010, promises an unforgettable KBBQ adventure. Explore their offerings at [Iron Age - Columbia Heights].

Bangbop & KBBQCup

Yes, this is us.  In a hurry or need to order KBBQ for pickup/delivery?  At Bangbop, you’ll find authentic KBBQ flavors conveniently packaged for on-the-go.  Sustainable, modern Korean food. Delivered.

Try our signature Bibimbap, Kimbap, Bao Buns, Tacos, Bahn Mi, Salads, Pizza, Wings, and Dumplings. Or you can build your own to satisfy your cravings. Our brand’s modern, but our flavor’s 100% authentic Korean. Just try our kimchi if you need proof!

A relative new-comer, KBBQCup is a delightful twist on your beloved Korean BBQ, perfectly packaged for takeout and delivery. Whether you're in the mood for Bulgogi, Galbi, spicy pork, chicken,Impossible Bulgogi, or tofu served Korean barbecue style alongside rice, japchae, and dumplings, we have something for everyone. Our commitment to delivering a true Korean barbecue experience sets KBBQCup apart as a must-try for food lovers in the D.C. area.

Located inside Tastemakers foodhall at 2800 10th St, NE Washington DC 20017, these sister restaurants are winning rave reviews. For more information, visit their website: and

Anju, Mandu, TaKorean | The Yards, Bangbop, and SEOULSPICE

Other notable mentions include Anju (4.6 rating), Mandu (4.3 rating), TaKorean | The Yards (4.3 rating), Bangbop (4.5 rating), and SEOULSPICE (4.4 rating). These establishments have left an indelible mark on the D.C. KBBQ landscape with their unique offerings and exceptional dining experiences.

The D.C. suburbs, particularly Annandale, Virginia, are also hotspots for Korean barbecue joints and boast a wide variety of traditional Korean comfort food options.

Whether you're seeking an authentic tabletop grilling experience or a quick flavor-filled lunch bowl or cup option, the D.C. area has something to delight every KBBQ enthusiast's palate.

For more detailed information about each restaurant and their offerings, we encourage you to visit their respective websites provided.

So why wait? Embark on a tantalizing KBBQ escapade and savor the rich flavors and aromas that define the Korean barbecue experience in the D.C. area.