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our mix & match menu was made with you in mind—we want it to be as easy as possible for you to make sure everyone’s delighted. individualized catering boxes for the exact number of people in your catering party
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bangbop’s mix & match catering menu is our solution to safe catering in a post covid-19 world.

our individual catering boxes come in socially conscious, environmentally friendly packaging, and with the ability to pick from any of our exciting single-click entrees, catering is a no-brainer.

need to feed clients, the team, or even the whole office? we offer something for everyone— with customizable quantities, vegan options, gluten free options, and delicious entrees from bibimbap to tacos, you can keep your team safe and delighted in just a couple of clicks!
every mix & match catering box comes with:
a regular sized entree, three complimentary dumplings or gluten free kimbap, compostable utensils, napkins, and a sanitary hand wipe.
our bibimbap catering packages come with 10 individually packaged bibimbap entrees in our most popular flavors, to make ordering for large groups safe & effortless. need more than 10? no worries. our mix & match items make it easy to order a box for everyone in your catering party.

each individual box comes in socially conscious, environmentally friendly packaging.
every bibimbap box comes with:
a regular sized signature bibimbap, three complimentary dumplings or gluten free kimbap, compostable utensils, napkins, a sanitary hand wipe, and sauce on the side.
we want to make your catering experience special.
bangbop aims to exceed your expectations for your event.we’ve streamlined the catering process to offer you optimal service while keeping your hands free to do what you do best.